Putin’s reckless invasion of Ukraine


The onslaught against Ukraine by Russian troops is a cautionary continuing tale of hubris, overreach and the limits of power. In his delusional quest to restore some of Russia’s so-called greatness, Vladimir Putin has run up against the grit of the Ukrainian people and the limits of military weaponry.

The sinking of a $750 million warship by two anti-ship missiles costing several million dollars should be a warning to any nation bent on conquest. So, too, has been the reality of Ukrainian soldiers destroying $3 million Russian tanks with $178,000 anti-tank weapons.

It is clear that the current array of modern weapons, including rockets, missiles and various munitions, has made today’s battlefields too lethal, destructive and costly. Such wars as the one being pursued by the Russian army cannot continue for long. The costs to both attackers and defenders are too dear.

So far, Mr. Putin is ignoring that reality. In his senseless and barbaric attack on the people of Ukraine, he has also threatened to use nuclear weapons if the sovereignty of Russia is threatened. That is the position of an evil, ignorant despot.

Putin’s reckless adventurism and the destruction of Ukraine are a hard reminder that stupidity and unchecked power can hurt us all. The specter of increased hunger and poverty already threaten hundreds of millions across the world.

It is a long past time that the world’s major military powers should begin reducing their military expenditures, especially nuclear weapons. Are you listening, Russia, China, North Korea and the United States? Discussion and cooperation are crucial for the future of everyone.

John Rigg/Lubbock

This article originally appeared on Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Letter to the editor Putin’s reverse invasion of Ukraine


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